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Love in a Pot Place Card Holder - As low as RM1.50
Based on 0 reviews.
Love is like a seed, carefully cultivate and it grows with strong root. There will be no doubt that ..
RM2.80 RM1.30
Miniature Metal Pail - As low as RM1.10
Based on 0 reviews.
Looking for a keepsake that truly fits your style? Well this versatile favor is a perfect match and ..
RM2.30 RM0.90
Tuxedo & Gown Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers - As low as RM3.70
Based on 0 reviews.
The perfect seasoning to any recipe is love. Make the point, practically and perfectly, with this co..
RM6.80 RM3.30
"Love Birds" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers - As low as RM3.30
Based on 0 reviews.
Your love for each other is soaring high and your hearts are singing in tune. Have your guests singi..
RM6.50 RM2.90
Eiffel Tower Bookmark - As low as RM2.20
Based on 0 reviews.
Inspired by romance, these Eiffel Tower bookmark favors help you share the love. You could say that ..
Elegant Wedding Gown Candle - As low as RM2.20
Based on 0 reviews.
Your wedding gown, perhaps more than any other detail, makes you feel like a Princess on your weddin..
Custom Made Favor Box Design 5 - As low as RM2.40
Based on 0 reviews.
Our round hard cover favor boxes are the perfect answer for quick and easy favors. These favor boxes..
Rose Glass Set - As low as RM2.20
Based on 0 reviews.
"Wow~~ It is so adorable!" This is what your guests will shout when they receive such..
RM5.50 RM2.50
Couple Love Tea Spoons Favor - As low as RM2.50
Based on 0 reviews.
This coffee spoons comes in a pair, with a cute coffee with saucer design on the holder. Practical a..
RM4.50 RM2.80
"Apple of My Eye" Notepad Favor - As low as RM1.50
Based on 0 reviews.
Favors do not need to be extravagant or expensive. It really is the thought that counts. You can pre..
RM2.80 RM1.50
Sweet Heart Scented Soap - As low as RM2.20
Based on 0 reviews.
These scented soaps are the ultimate chic wedding favor that will look elegant at your tables. He..
RM5.00 RM1.90
3 Pieces Scented Rose Petal Soap - As low as RM1.20
Based on 0 reviews.
A clear heart-shaped gift box is filled with 3 pieces of roses soap with sweet rose scent, and adorn..
Why Give Wedding Favors?

Marriage is the grandest ceremony throughout one’s life, while wedding is even a divine occasion in one’s life! The attendance of guest is to witness the moment of the new couple steps towards happiness life together. A meticulously chosen wedding favor will make every honorable guest feels that their attendance is valuable to the couples, and even brings surprise! Preparing a wedding favor full of appreciation to every guest is also an expression of the couple’s etiquette. Let your guest fondle admiringly bring the little wedding favor home and become their sweet memory towards the couple!

结婚是人一生中最重要的盛典,而婚礼更是生命中非常神圣的仪式!嘉宾的出席就是为了来见证一对新人步入幸福人生的那一刻。 一个被精心挑选的回礼会使每一个出席婚礼的嘉宾感受到他们的出席很被重视,甚至带来惊喜!为嘉宾们准备带来感谢之意的小礼物也是新人识大体和懂礼仪的一种表现。让嘉宾们把这份精心小礼物带回家并成为他们对新人的甜蜜回忆吧!